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White Ribbon Day 2023

November 25th 2023 is International White Ribbon Day.

White Ribbon day is a movement that originated in Canada and spread throughout the world – including to Aotearoa. The movement aims to challenge abusive behaviours and attitudes, stop violence towards women, and encourage healthy and respectful relationships.

The key focus of the 2023 campaign is ensuring the next generation understand what respectful relationships are – which by definition do not involve violence.

The Dunedin Collaboration Against Family Violence (DCAFV) has supported White Ribbon Day for many years, and will continue to band with our community everyday to stand up to violence.

We collectively share a vision of a community where violence and abuse do not fester and thrive, and a community where support is readily available to those who need it.

We hope that in time this will move us toward the ultimate goal, a community free from violence.


Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to Joy Davis and the Presbyterian Support team, it was a pleasure to work along side you on this event.

This year our focus was on advocacy, promotion and accountability. As a result we asked our community, including DCAFV, to do their part in promoting the White Ribbon cause, advocating for our families and services, and to hold themselves and their agencies accountable to have those difficult conversations.

It was exceptional to see so many agencies, businesses, and community members step up to the task. Including, but not limited to the following: Isaac Construction, Otago University Students Association, The Dunedin City Council, Presbyterian Support Otago, Kāinga Ora, Te Whatu Ora Southern, ŌCASA - Ōtepoti Communities Against Sexual Abuse and Stopping Violence Dunedin

- Michaela Corcoran - Dunedin Collaboration Against Family Violence Coordinator


Presbyterian Support Otago organized a White Ribbon Day event on Wednesday November 22nd.

This event was to highlight our support for White Ribbon and our collective opposition to any form of violence. This year in particular emphasizing modeling to our young people. healthy and respectful relationships. This event was only possible thanks to the tremendous support and resourcing from DCAFV, along with the folks from First Church who graciously allowed us to decorate their fence with the white ribbons.

We deeply appreciated our Mayor taking the time to join us, It was also immensely encouraging to have so many representatives from businesses, government organizations, Not for Profits city leaders, our DCC Community Development team, all turn out in support, as well as the many individuals who took time to stop and reflect. Outstanding effort Ōtepoti Dunedin!

- Joy Davis - Community Relations Advisor at Presbyterian Support Otago

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